The Aberdeen Angus cows

The Angus cow is one of the most kept breed of cattle worldwide. This breed isn’t well-known yet in the Netherlands, but becomes more and more popular. The characteristics of this breed fit an organic/extensive management, just like Erve Woolderink currently has.


  • Very quiet and reliable
  • Polled
  • Natural, uncomplicated births
  • Fertile
  • Meat offers fantastic processing possibilities

Erve Woolderink has black and red Angus. We use natural services and artificial insemination. The bulls we select for natural service come from good cow families. Animals are also inseminated by cows from other continent by means of artificial insemination. We always try to apply the best genetics.

The Angus breed of cattle fits an extensive management, grazing nature areas and extensive grassland.



Angus cows are for sale continuously.

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