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At the end of September we spent a lovely holiday (1 week) at Erve Woolderink. The weather was nice and we enjoyed peace and space on the farm. Our little son (2,5) had a great time on this  (operational). Feeding cows, searching chickens, trampoline etc. We definitely recommend this farm! Wonderful for both Young and Old. Kind regards Geert Luyendijk @geertluyendijk

Geert Luyendijk | 30 September 2013

We spent a weekend with two daddies and three children in the haystack. A big adventure for our city children. Chickens running free, cows in the stable and the sweet dog. Collecting eggs yourself was really exciting. The fact that there weren’t any eggs didn’t matter at all. The children liked the trampoline, cool bike and go-kart. The Woolderink family is very kind and hospitable. Our family will definitely return. We really recommend Erve Woolderink.

Michel Goedegebuure | 26 May 2013

Hello Family Woolderink. We just got home and Laura is sleeping like a log – she keeps telling stories about the cows, calves, chickens, dogs and, really special, the two little owls we observed this morning together. We had a wonderful midweek! We didn’t see many people (the ones we saw were very friendly!), wonderful nature, lazing away the day, perfect holiday! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Menno, Anna and Laura

Menno, Anna en Laura (2,5) | 10 May 2013

Our three boys (2,5 – 6 – 9 ) had such a wonderful time at the farm. Boots on, hay on the trailer: they imagined themselves being true farmers. A lovely walk, followed by a ride on the quad, was a fantastic adventure! I bet they will tell a lot of stories when they get to school this Monday……. Dieuwe even had to cry because he had to leave his “good old friend” the dog. We also visited Erve Brooks and had a lovely, active afternoon. We will definitely return next year!

Fam Dantuma | 6 April 2013

We had a lovely week in the haystack. We were welcomed by farmers Rutger and Jan, who were very kind and hospitable. Nice view, wonderful starting point for trips. The children had a good time:  bikes, go-kart, trampoline, quad. Of course they really loved watching the newborn calf.

Fam van de Bovenkamp | 20 October 2012

Simply hospitable, that’s how we experienced our stay in your haystack. Wonderful location, tasteful interior and, above all, hospitable host and hostess. Would you like to settle down on a quiet place, you should definitely come here. We would like to return next year. Best regards, Fam. Penders

Michael Penders | 10 July 2012

Dear Family Woolderink. We really enjoyed our stay in a real haystack!! Trampoline, collecting eggs, feeding cows, driving a tractor, cycling, BBQ and the birth of calf Black Noa! Thanks for a fantastic week! Kiss, Jort (3) & Floris (1)

Jort & Floris | 18 May 2012

Hello Family Woolderink. Congratulations on your fantastic new website. It exactly reflects the feeling you experience when you spend a night in one of your nostalgic haystacks. Lots of success! Thomas and Jose.

Thomas Nijhuis | 19 March 2012

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